About Kelli

Kelli began her career in medicine as an E.M.T.  providing emergency care services in South Florida.  She gained valuable experience working trauma, as well as volunteering at a local clinic.  She independently began studying medicinal herbs and hosting prayer circles to support women in crisis in 1992. In doing so became increasingly aware of the effects of women’s birth experiences from these support groups.  After hearing story after story of women mistreated during the birth process, laboring unsupported and separated from their babies and husbands, she realized she needed to be a part of the change the birth community needed with education and options.

An answer to prayer came when she began working as a Midwife’s Assistant in 1996.  She was traditionally trained serving women at home births.  She initially received her midwifery training through 4 years of assisting a certified-nurse midwife in a homebirth service and then obtaining a college degree in midwifery  at Manna School of Midwifery and Health Sciences in Bonita Springs, Florida, as the State of Florida requires licensed midwives to obtain a 3 year college degree specific to midwifery.  This school was approved by the Department of Education and is MEAC accredited.

Her independent studies of midwifery care produced a Certified Professional Midwifery credential in February, 2000 with the North American Registry of Midwives.  She was licensed by the State of New Mexico in May 2001 and began teaching and taking classes to complete her Florida licensure.  She has served over 800 homebirth families in the Central Florida Area since then.


Kelli was born and reared in rural North Carolina where she grew up in a large  family. She believes strongly in family foundations and is active in her local church.  She is also a professional musician, singer/songwriter, mother to five, published author and gratefully married of 22 years to her husband and pharmacist, Bruce Johnson – who is most helpful with her herbal tinctures and salves.

She established “A Mother’s Nature Midwifery Care & Homebirth Service, Inc.” in 2001.   Kelli provides care for pregnancy, planned homebirths and postpartum care through 6 weeks after delivery in Seminole, Orange, Brevard and Osceola Counties.  She also provides care for East Lake and South Volusia county families.  She is a Florida Licensed Midwife under Chapter 467 MW162.    Please contact her at 407 699-4207 to schedule a visit.

Annual Baby-Q Event Celebrating Midwifery Care!

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