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Homebirth serves women of low-risk pregnancies.  Approximately 95% of all pregnancies are considered low risk.  Midwifery care supports the emotional needs of your family as well as the physical changes of your growing body.  Care is provided at Johnson’s Manor in a quaint home office atmosphere.  Children are welcome at prenatal care appointments.  Should they require entertainment, there are toys and books as well as a big yard, tire swing, and outside play area.

Full Prenatal Screening is provided for the best care.  All labs are provided at the office with the exception of sonograms (or ultrasounds).  First and second trimester prenatal visits are monthly and are scheduled for 1 hour.  We discuss fetal developement, emotional concerns if any, your changing body, nutrition (very important) as well as monitoring of your blood pressure, urine, fetal heart tones and weight.  At 28 weeks, prenatal care visits become more frequent, every two weeks. We review the process of childbirth, how your body works, what the baby does, and managing your labor through optimum fetal positioning and relaxation techniques.

At 36 or 37 weeks of your pregnancy, a visit to your home is provided where together the midwife and you plan the welcoming of your new arrival.  The Birth Kit is brought at this visit as well as supply review, birth team planning and when to call.  Prenatal visits are provided weekly at the office until your labor begins!

Labor is monitored safely at home with intermittent fetal monitoring, vital signs monitoring of the laboring mother, labor management, and emotional and physical support for the mother and family.  The midwifery team brings the same equipmentused in birthing centers to the homebirth.  The equipment includes oxygen and resusitation equipment, birth kit supplies for ease of monitoring and clean up, blood pressure cuff and thermometer, drugs for managing bleeding after the birth if needed, charts for recording birth information, and newborn care equipment.

After the birth, a thorough newborn exam is provided for your new baby and again in 2 days at your home, including the Metabolic Screening that used to be known as the PKU which now screens for many metabolic and hemolitic disorders.  Records are prepared and faxed to your pediatrician and the birth certificate will be filed with your county by the mdiwife.

A 2 week postpartum visit at the office is provided to see how the new “normal” is coming along.  And a Finally, your 6 week Postpartum exam at our office, councils you for family planning.  Supporting you completely through prengancy, birth, lactation, and adjusting to your new addition is our top priority.

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Also available through A Mother’s Nature are tailored prenatal classes, including hypnobirthing, to prepare you for labor and delivery at home.

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